Asian Wrestling Championships: No Vinesh Phogat vs Mayu Mukaida as Japan’s Women’s Team pulls our over suspected contact with Covid-19

By   - 12/04/2021

Asian Wrestling Championships: The possible rematch between Japan’s Mayu Mukaida and India’s Vinesh Phogat met an unfortunate fate after the Japan women’s team suddenly withdrew because of suspected contact with the coronavirus, the Japan Wrestling Federation announced on its website Friday.

The federation emphasized that no member of the 10-women team had tested positive for the coronavirus themselves, but that contact tracing showed an unspecified number may have been exposed to someone infected.

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The decision was made just as the team was to have accompanied the men’s freestyle team on the flight to Almaty via Istanbul for the tournament starting April 13. It follows the Asian Olympic qualifying tournament currently underway at the same venue.

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