Grand Prix of Ivan Yarygin-2020: World Champion David Baev decides to compete in non-olympic weight of 70kg

By   - 23/01/2020

One of the most prestigious tournament in global calendar, Grand Prix of Ivan Yarygin freestyle starts today. It was expected that the world champion in non-olympic category of 70kg David Baev of Russia will move to 74kg and throw challenge at his two time world champion team-mate Sidakov. But contrary to speculation, according to official platform of Russian wrestling, Wrestle.Ru Baev will stay put in 70kg. On the day 1 of the competitions 57kg, 61kg and 70kg will be contested and will be streamed live on courtesy

70kg Category – David Baev decides to compete in 70Kg
In weight up to 70 kg there are again many strong fighters, despite the fact that the weight is non-Olympic. The 2019 World Champion David Baev did not move to the Olympic weight either – and he is a favorite of the bottom of the tournament bracket, where it is worth noting that Rio 2016 medalist and the world championship medalist Mandakhnaran Ganzorig from Mongolia will also be seen in action. At the top are the winner of “Alanov-2019” Chermen Valiev and medalist of the European Championships Israil Kasumov.

57Kg – World Champion Zaur Uguyev to miss out
In weight up to 57 kg, the favorites of the competition in the absence of two-time world champion Zaur Uguyev are the winner of the Alans-2019 tournament Akhmed Idrisov and the champion of Russia 2019 Ramiz Gamzatov. They can only meet in the finals. Idrisov, 2019 World Cup winner Aryan Tyutrin, Gamzatov, the winner of the world junior championship Azamat Tuskayev, as well as Vitaly Orudzhev from the United States will start as favorites.

61Kg – Big names missing from this non Olympic Category
In weight up to 61 kg, Abasgadzhi Magomedov and the winner of the European Games-2015 Alexander Bogomoev got to the top, the winner of the “Alanov-2019” Ramazan Ferzaliev is the favorite at the bottom.

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