Indian wrestlers welcome decision of conducting world championships this year

By   - 02/07/2020

“It is good news for us,” says Divya Kakran. “We finally have a goal, she continues. Now, we have something to look forward to and train accordingly,” she said with a tinge of excitement in her voice. The Serbian wrestling federation today (Thursday) announced that the senior world wrestling championship will be held this year in Belgrade. The news has given an adrenaline rush to Indian wrestlers who have been eagerly waiting for competitions to resume soon.

Tokyo Olympic-bound wrestler Ravi Dahiya who had returned from his morning training session jumped in joy when the news broke out. “It is a great piece of news,” the Asian adding that he is ready for the challenge. Bajrang Punia’s coach Shako Bentinidis echoed Dahiya’s thoughts and has started making plans for Jitender and Bajrang for the world championships. “We are currently in touch virtually. But I am just waiting for the international flights to resume. Once it is done, I will call Bajrang for training outside India,” he told WresltingTV from Georgia.

2018 World medallist Pooja Dhanda, however, is a little worried. The wrestler believes that the current situation is too grave for anything to resume. “It is good news, no doubt about it. With competitions resuming we will get our form back and get back to our old life,” she said. “However, it is also true that there seems no end to the coronavirus pandemic. It is risky to resume anything. I guess we just have to start living with it and start training with all precautionary measures”.

The World Championships will reportedly be in December. Dates are yet to be confirmed by the United World Wrestling (UWW). Dhanda optimistic about the future says, “We still have six months to control Covid-19. So, let us hope for the best”.

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