Ivan Yarygin 2020 : Kasumov upsets world champion David Baev to win Grand Prix gold

By   - 25/01/2020

The wrestling fraternity of the world often debates that it is easier to win the world championships than to triumph in the tournaments played on the Russian soil. David Baev of Russia destroyed everyone to win the 2019 world championships in 70kg category in Nur-Sultan but on Friday night he could not overcome the challenge of his young countryman Israil Kasumov. In the bout for the gold medal 21year old Kasumov got better of the world champion to win the Ivan Yarygin Grand Prix title. Showcasing great fighting spirit Kasumov defeated Baev 6-5 in a cliffhanger.

In the 61kg non-olympic category 2015 European Games winner Alexander Bogomoev dominated Ramazan Ferzaliev to win gold by margin of 11-5. Such was the domination by the Russian wrestlers on the opening medal night that they won all medals on stake in 57kg, 61kg and 70kg categories.

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In the women section Russian hagemony on the tournament was broken by Shovovdor Baatarzhav of Mongolia as she defeated Khadizhat Murtuzalieva of Russia by 8-0 margin to win gold. In the 65kg Maria Kuznetsova of Russian triumphed over 2018 World Junior Champion Miyu Imai of Japan by 8-0 scoreline.

Freestyle wrestling:
70 kg.
Final : Israil Kasumov (Russia) beat David Baev (Russia) – 6: 5
Bronze : Evgeny Zherbaev (Russia) beat Arbak Sat (Russia) – 8: 4
Bronze : Chermen Valiev (Russia) beat Alexey Borovitsky (Russia).

61 kg.
Final : Alexander Bogomoev (Russia) beat Ramazan Ferzaliev (Russia) – 11: 5
Bronze : Abasgadzhi Magomedov (Russia) beat Vladimir Kudrin (Kazakhstan) -10: 0
Bronze : Kezhik Chymba (Russia) beat Ibrahim Abdurakhmanov (Russia) – 11: 0

57 kg
Final : Azamat Tuskayev (Russia) beat Akhmed Idrisov (Russia) – 10: 3
Bronze: Aryaan Tyutrin (Russia) beat Peter Konstantinov (Russia) – 7: 2
Bronze : Ramiz Gamzatov (Russia) beat Zhargal Damdinov (Russia) – 6: 0

Women’s wrestling
65 kg.
Final : Maria Kuznetsova (Russia) beat Miyu Imai (Japan) – 8: 0
Bronze : Julia Prontsevich (Russia) beat Dinara Salikhova (Russia) – 3-1
Bronze : Natalya Fedoseeva (Russia) beat Alena Timofeeva (Russia)

59 kg.
Final : Shovovdor Baatarzhav (Mongolia) beat Khadizhat Murtuzalieva (Russia) – 8-0
Bronze : Madina Bakbergenova (Kazakhstan) beat Anastasia Guchok (Belarus) – 4: 4.
Bronze : Anastasia Yakovleva (Russia) beat Yuumi Kon (Japan) – 7: 1

55 kg
Final :Olga Khoroshavtseva (Russia) beat Kana Higashikawa (Japan) – 6: 3
Bronze : Ekaterina Isakova (Russia) beat Natalya Abzalova (Russia) – 4: 1
Bronze : Anastasia Sidelnikova (Russia) beat Nadezhda Tretyakova (Russia) – 8: 4

50 kg
Final : Namuunceceg Tsogt Ochir (Mongolia) beat Nadezhda Sokolova (Russia) – 7-2
Bronze : Angelika Vetoshkina (Russia) beat Dauletbike Yakhshimuratova (Uzbekistan) – 12: 2
Bronze : Lasey Anthony (USA) beat Angelica Fedorova (Russia) – 10-0

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