Jordan Burroughs vs Frank Chamizo: Check out how these two rivals spending time amid pandemic

By   - 16/09/2020

Wrestling News: It is off-season for wrestling due to COVID-19 and wrestlers around the world are making the most of this time. They are using it to rejuvenate themselves and also try new things. And one of these wrestlers is 2012 Olympic champion Jordan Burroughs. The wrestler recently shared a picture of him surfing for the first time. The US wrestler was at the Stonestepts beach with his friend Loren who was the man behind making the Burroughs glide on the waves.

He wrote: “I usually go to the beach to build sandcastles and splash around with the kids. So when Loren invited me to surf, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to try. My next thought was, when is the last time that you were given the chance to try something for the very first time? I was nervous about trekking out into deep water and attempting to surf. It’s a lot harder than it looks, but it was well worth it. After about five hours in the water, and a bunch of nose dives, I’m happy to say I‘m pretty good at it! Shoutout to Loren and Jose for teaching me the ropes. Now get out there and try something scary!”.


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Commentate se siete riusciti a vedere la pallina 🏌🏾‍♂️tabacco 😅

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Meanwhile, his rival Frank Chamizo is spending his last of the summer at the Golf course at Casal Palocco. Playing golf, the Italian wrestler also enjoyed a cigar. He wrote, “Comment if you managed to see the tobacco ball”.

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