Olympic champ Sharif Sharifov: In recent times 97kg has grown past Abdulrashid Sadulaev and Kyle Snyder dominance

By   - 03/06/2020

2012 Olympic Champ Sharif Sharifov, a native of Dagestan is eyeing for another Olympic medal when the Games lands in Tokyo. In 2019 he proved his mettle once again when he became the European champion and took silver at the World Cup. In conversation with Wrestling Dagestan Federation, Sharifov talks about his family, his alleged coronavirus reports amongst other things.
WrestlingDag: Once you complained that because of the frequent gatherings and competitions you cannot stay at home and you miss children. Now, are you catching up with the lost time?

Sharifov: For so long I have not been at home. Previously, I always wanted to spend more time with children, but now I spend days with them. I have three of them – two boys and a girl. The oldest is four years old, he is a little restless and does not sit in one place. I even became a little tired of them. Now I want to return to my usual sports life, I can’t wait when the training camp begins. I didn’t think that I would miss so much all this fuss.

WrestingDag: In the foreign press there was information that the coronavirus didn’t bypass you either. Is that true?

Sharifov: I don’t know where they got it from, it was a coronavirus. I did not pass any tests. He took a few days to temperature, and then everything went away. Most likely, it was a common cold.

WrestlingDag: Since we are talking about health, I can’t help but ask about a shoulder injury that has bothered you for long.

Sharifov: I won’t say that my shoulder bothers me very much, but it still takes some time to heal it. I fought this injury at the end of the year at the Alrosa Cup in Moscow. After that, I took up treatment, while continuing to train, participated in training camps in Kislovodsk and Makhachkala, however, I was engaged only in physical training, pumped my shoulder, and did not have about. A shoulder injury is the most unpleasant thing for a wrestler. You still can somehow deal with an injured knee or ankle, then when you have problems with your shoulder, you should not go out on the carpet. The doctors looked at me, and everyone spoke differently. Most likely, I have a tear of the ligaments. Nothing super-serious, but it is impossible not to attach importance to this injury. Fortunately, there is enough time now to completely heal it.WrestilngDag: During the sitting at home is putting on weight not a concern for you?

Sharifov: As I had a working weight of 97-98 pounds, it remained. This is normal for me. When I performed in the category up to 92 kg, there were some difficulties with driving extra pounds. Then, before the competition, the head was only busy with how to lose weight, how to eat properly during this period, and now you only think about the struggle, about the rivals.

WrestlingDag: How do you keep fit?

Sharifov: For a month I did not do anything, but now I’m running. The company is made up of me, Jamal Magomedov and our friend looking after us, who has switched to coaching Ramadan Magomedov. We ran around for some time in the park, and the other day it was closed for people to visit, and we moved to Mount Tarki-Tau. I also ride a bicycle, also a useful thing.

WrestlingDag: And of the Americans, what do you think of — Kyle Snyder or Jaden Cox?”
Sharifov: It’s hard to say, they have a different fight style. Snyder constantly rushes attacks, and Cox, on the contrary, acts on counterattacks. The first takes physical strength, endurance, and his biggest advantage is his weight. Cox, on the other hand, only goes into the light heavyweight category, but if it gains weight, I think it will give battle to its competitor.

WrestlingDag: More recently, light heavyweight could not be attributed to the most competitive ones, it was dominated by Abdulrashid Sadulaev and Kyle Snyder, and now a serious company is being selected for you, isn’t it?

 I agree. In addition to representatives from Russia, the United States and Iran, other fighters will also claim Olympic medals. Dagestani legionnaires Magomed Ibragimov , Albert Saritov , Magomedgadzhi Nurov can climb the podium, Hadzhimurat Gatsalov returns . Olympic tournaments are notable for their unpredictability. I participated in them twice, and more than once it happened that those wrestlers whom I bet on lost, and, conversely, those who I did not take into account won. Anything can happen in Tokyo, so I wouldn’t write off any of those who get to the Games. – What is the situation with coronavirus in Azerbaijan now, when it will be possible to resume the training process there? – I constantly call up teammates living in Azerbaijan. They tell me what they see around, and, according to them, the situation there is much better than in Dagestan, where almost every family has coronavirus infectedWrestlingDag: Tough preventive measures were introduced there during the quarantine period, and, apparently, this affects the sport and your training?
Sharifov: So far, there are no specifics when the Azerbaijani border will be opened, when the training camp will begin, they only tell us that we train individually, keep fit. As soon as certainty appears, we will be informed. I wish it was as soon as possible.

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