Olympic champion Hassan Yazdani return to mat after knee surgery

By   - 26/02/2020

Olympics and World Champion wrestler Hassan Yazdani is back in action after a successful knee surgery. He is back on the mat well in time to pursue his Tokyo 2020 dreams, where he will be eyeing his second successive Olympic crown.

The 2016 Rio Olympics 76kg freestyle champion, Yazdani has earned four World Championship titles – one in 70 kg and three in the 86 kg categories.

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The injury had forced Yazdani to miss out on the Rome Ranking Series in January and the Asian Wrestling Championships in February 2020. Having retained full fitness, he his back on the mat to prepare for the 2020 Olympic Games, where he will be targeting the 86kg category gold now.

On his return to the mat, Yazdani said, “I was able to go back to wrestling mat after 65 days of knee surgery and continue my training. I would like to thank all the dear ones who during this time, through their calls and messages, and in their presence, with all their love and affection, did not hesitate to offer any help.

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“The National Olympic Committee and Dr. Hassan Rangers and all the executives, Dr. Kaymani Grand, a specialist in knee surgery, Dr. Norouzi Aziz and Dr. Mohammadi, along with the entire medical staff at Esteghlal Physical Therapy Complex, as well as a good friend of mine, Dr. Hossein Sharifi and my friend, Hossein Sharifi. Hussein who helped me sincerely and without any eyes I can get the best of my health.”


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با سلام، خدارو شاکر هستم که توانستم بعد از گذشت ۶۵روز از جراحی زانو دوباره به تشک برگردم و تمریناتمو ادامه بدم. تشکر میکنم از همه عزیزانی که در این مدت چه با تماسها و پیامها و چه حضوری با تمام عشق و محبت جویای حالم بودند و از هیچ کمکی دریغ نکردند همچنین تشکر ویژه ای دارم از دکتر عليرضا دبير رياست محترم فدراسيون كشتي ، دكتر صالحی امیری ریاست محترم کمیته ملی المپیک و دكتر حسن رنگرز و کلیه عوامل اجرایی، دکتر کیهانی بزرگ جراح فوق تخصص زانو، دکتر نوروزی عزیز و خانم دکتر محمدی بهمراه کل کادر درمانی مجتمع فیزیوتراپی استقلال ، و همينطور از دوست خوبم مربي توانبخشي بنده دكتر حسين شريفي و دوست عزيزم اميرحسين حسيني که خالصانه و بدون هیچ چشم داشتی در این مدت بهم کمک کردند تا بتوانم به بهترین شکل ممکن سلامت خودم را بدست بیارم. امیدوارم با دعای خیر شما مردم در مسابقات آتی و همچنین مسابقات المپیک با خوش رنگ ترین مدال دل ملت شریف ایران را شاد کنم. فرزند کوچک این سرزمین حسن یزدانی

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At the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, Yazdani will be a competitor to India’s Deepak Punia in the 86kg freestyle category. Yazdani defeated Deepak in the World Championships 2019 to secure the gold and come the Olympics he will be again in battle with the Indian

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