Poland Open Wrestling 2021 Ranking Series: Turkey’s freestyle team pulls out

By   - 07/06/2021

Turkey’s freestyle team has late-scratched from this week’s Poland Open (May 8-13) after most of the 22-man roster competed last weekend in the Freestyle National Championships in Istanbul. According to the Turkish Wrestling Federation, “it was decided to hold the National Wrestling Freestyle Championships (June 4-7) in Istanbul. Due to this reason our freestyle team can not be a part International Ranking Series Tournament in Warsaw.

The Poland Open kicks off tomorrow morning at 11:00 (local time), 2:30 pm IST and can be followed live on WrestlingTV.in

Turkey’s team pulled from the entry list:
57kg – Saban KIZILTAS
57kg – Engin CETIN
57kg – Hafiz Can HASDEMIR
61kg – Recep TOPAL
61kg – Emrah ORMANOGLU
61kg – Cabbar Taner DUYUM
65kg – Selim KOZAN
65kg – Cavit ACAR
70kg – Mustafa KAYA
70kg – Selahattin KILICSALLAYAN
70kg – Cuneyt BUDAK

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