Rome Ranking Series Day 2 : Anshu loses in the gold medal bout to Odunayo

By   - 16/01/2020

The magic of Anshu Malik of India finally ended in the gold medal bout of the 57kg in the Rome Ranking Series. Anshu could not match the moves of  Odunayo ADEKUOROYE of Nigeria to lose out the final bout tamely 10-0. The Indian could not match the reach and power moves of Odunayo and settled for Silver medal in her debut UWW ranking series event. 
he 18 year old debutant in the Senior category has made it to the finals of 57kg category as she defeated Jenna Rose BURKERT of USA in mere 1 minute by superiority as she was up 10-0 against the American. Anshu had earlier stunned 2019 world champion Linda Morais in last 16 bout and also registered sensational victory against Grace Bullen of Norway in the last 3 seconds in Quarterfinals.
Style WC Match Player 1 Player 2 Mat Timings Results
WW 57Kg Qualification Anshu Malik(IND) Maria Victoria BAEZ DILONE (ESP) B 3:00PM Won by 10-0
WW 76Kg Qualification Kiran Bishnoi (IND) Aline DA SILVA FERREIRA(BRA) A 3:25PM Won by 2-2
GR 82Kg Qualification Gurpreet Singh (IND) Florian NEUMAIER (GER) C 3:25PM Won by 7-0
GR 77Kg PreQuarter Sajan Bhanwal (IND) Luca DARIOZZI (ITA) B 3:25PM Won by 8-0
WW 57Kg PreQuarter Anshu Malik(IND) Linda MORAIS (CAN) C 4:15 PM Won by 10-4
WW 62Kg PreQuarter Sonam Malik (IND) Macey Ellen KILTY (USA) C 4:32PM Lost to 10-0
WW 76Kg PreQuarter Kiran Bishnoi (IND) Epp MAEE (EST) B 4:35PM Lost to 1-1
WW 68Kg PreQuarter Divya KAKRAN (IND) Luz Clara VAZQUEZ (ARG) A 5:15PM Won by 4-4
GR 82Kg Quarterfinal Gurpreet Singh (IND) Dmytro GARDUBEI (UKR) C 5:45PM Won by 18-10
GR 77Kg Quarterfinal Sajan Bhanwal (IND) Ridong ZHANG (CHN) A 5:50 PM Won by 7-1
WW 57Kg Quarterfinal Anshu Malik(IND) Grace Jacob BULLEN (NOR) B 5:30PM Won by 4-4
WW 68Kg Quarterfinal Divya KAKRAN (IND)  Anna Carmen SCHELL (GER) A 6:30PM Won by 8-4
WW 57Kg Semifinal Anshu Malik(IND)  Jenna Rose BURKERT (USA) A 7:10PM Won by 10-0
GR 82Kg Semifinal Gurpreet Singh (IND)  John Walter STEFANOWICZ JR (USA) C 6:48PM Won by 5-0
GR 77Kg Semifinal Sajan Bhanwal (IND) Yunus Emre BASAR (TUR) A 7:00PM lost to 10-2
WW 68Kg Semifinal Divya KAKRAN (IND) Feng ZHOU (CHN) A 7:30PM lost by 12-2
GR 82Kg Final Gurpreet Singh (IND) Burhan AKBUDAK (TUR) B 11:00PM
WW 57Kg Final Anshu Malik(IND) Odunayo ADEKUOROYE (NGR) B 11:00PM  lost 10-0

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