Russian Championship Day 1 results: Rashidov shines in 65kg, Dagestan wins 8 medals including 3 golds

By   - 17/10/2020

Dagestan team has started strongly winning eight of the 12 medals including three gold at the ongoing Russian Freestyle Championship. World Champion Gadhzimurad Rashidov was in good form and won gold in the 65kg. Meanwhile, the defeat of the 2016 Olympic gold medallist Soslan Romanov had left everyone in shock.

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57kg Finals 

Finals: Uguev- Tuskaev 1*-1 

Bronze Medal: Idrisov- Gamzatov 3-1

Bronze Medal: Sadulaev – Konstantinov 7-1

61kg Finals 

Finals: Magomedov – Ferzalyev 9-7

Bronze Medal: Damdinov-Iliasov 13-2

Bronze Medal: Abdurakhmanov-Aksyonov 4-3

65kg Finals

Finals: Rashidov- Chakaev 2-0 

Bronze Medal: Gogaev-Saidulaev 6-1

Bronze Medal: Shakhyev-Badtyev 10-0

Medal tally:

After of 1st day competition. 

Dagestan  3 gold, two silver, three bronze

Ossetia – 1 silver and bronze

Buriatia – 1 bronze

Chechenya – 1 bronze

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