SAI’s 13 guidelines for wrestlers: Here are do’s and dont’s which have to be followed during national camp

By   - 22/05/2020

The Sports Authority of India (SAI) on Thursday released the training rulebook for the resumption of national camps. Social distancing and new standards of hygiene will be the new normal for athletes in their camps and institutions across the country. As per the new guidelines, there are also specific instructions for all the sports including wrestling.

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Here are the recommendations by SAI for Wrestling:

Do’s for Wrestlers, Coaching and Support Staff:

1) Educate oneself of precautionary measures.

2) Change at respective rooms before and after training.

3) Practice hand hygiene at regular intervals.

4) Maintain a minimum distance of two metres at all places.

5) Shower before physiotherapy/ massage.

6) Immediately inform medical personnel if experiencing any illness and avoid training.

7) Use of face masks at all time except training.

8) Use of Aarogya Setu app.

9) Rooms shall be cleaned by residents and each individual shall do their laundry.

10) There shall be separate pair of workout shoes, washed properly and dried under sunlight to keep it germ-free. There shall be a separate pair of shoes or slippers for use outside the room and any footwear used for walking outside the room should be kept outside the room.

11) Windows should be kept open as much as possible to ensure ventilation.

12) Wrestlers are encouraged to avoid visiting places other than training facility and hostel within the campus. Athletes visiting a shop within the campus shall wear face mask and gloves and make payments digitally.

13) Athletes shall avoid meeting their parents/relatives/ friends visiting from outside the campus.

Dont’s for Wrestlers, Coaching and Support Staff:

For Wrestlers and coaches:

1) Share any personal equipment or utility like water bottle, towel, etc.

2) Engage in any form of physical contact like hand-shake, high-five, hugs, etc.

3) Socialise before of after training with other athletes/staff.

4) Touch face or mouth while handling shared sports equipment.

For Physiotherapists:

1) Touch eye, nose, or mouth of an athlete.

2) Allow more than one athlete to be in the room during training.

3) Allow congregation of athletes in the physiotherapy room.

Training guidelines: 

1)Sparring with personal dummies (name tagged) with 1 wrestler per mat at a time.

2)Mats/dummies to be sanitized pre and post every use.

3)Human sparring of any form or contact is prohibited.

4) Selective training activities may be performed by athletes individually.

5) Athletes shall exit the facility as soon as training is concluded.

6) Personal equipment such as gloves, face masks, mouth guard, helmet, wrist band, headband, training uniform, shoes etc, shall be used without sharing.

7) Consistent hand sanitization is a must before, during and after every training.

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