Social Room: World Champions Jaccara Winchester and Bo Nickal share how to stay fit during quarantine due to Coronavirus

By   - 25/03/2020

Welcome back to the Social Room of, the only place to catch all the inside stories in the world of wrestling. Social Room is a special series that enables you to have a peek in the lives of the wrestler outside the mat.

With our grapplers locked up in their respective homes, they have been setting up new examples on how to make the most of this time. The current world champion Jaccara Winchester has given a life hack to stay fit while enjoying the quarantine life.

The USA wrestler posted a picture on Instagram. In the photo, Winchester can be seen biking and playing xbox. According to her it is a great way to stay fit and motivated. 

jacarra -❗️Life hack:❗️play xbox while biking! Helps you stay fit while you serve these foos online

This quarantine shouldn’t stop you from being fit! I do my cardio in the mornings (running, biking or jump roping) and my lifting a night (anything heavy in my room & bands) •

Stay fit & positive❗️

HAJI ALIYEV -Praise be to Allaah. I would like GOD to protect the whole world, especially the people of Azerbaijan, from this virus, and everything will be fine in a short time. This is a test, we must be patient and fight to the end. Amen it will be good

Mensah Stock –****WORDS FROM A WISE PUP

I know it may seem like it’s going to be a rough few weeks, months or anything. But know that God has a plan and he sees you. He knows what you need and for some of you two legged beings, yall needed this break without even knowing it! And now you can spend more time with us furry friends. We think it’s great and love the time that we have with you furless two leggers and we hope you are enjoying the walks that you can now give us….just so you can get out the house and do SOMETHING! ‍🦺

 Bo Nickal -In a time like this when physical training is limited, it’s a perfect opportunity to put some hours in watching technique videos. Visit @fanatic_wrestling or @bjj.fanatics and check out my top system.

I guarantee implementing these techniques to your wrestling will make you better. These are all the techniques I used from the top position during my college career so we know they work against the best guys.
Check it out and if you have questions just comment and I will do my best to answer!!

Babita Phogat -कोरोना को हराना है देश बचाना है

देश के यशस्वी प्रधानमंत्री श्री @narendramodi जी का आज रात 8 बजे कोविड-19(कोरोना वायरस) से लड़ने के उपायों को लेकर देश को संबोधन।

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