Sushil Kumar’s signature forgery scandal: Twin Olympic medallist says sign forged to change laws

By   - 10/12/2020

Sushil Kumar’s signature forgery scandal: Two-time Olympic medalist Sushil Kumar on Thursday claimed that the secretary-general of the School Games Federation of India (SGFI) has allegedly forged his signature. The top Indian wrestler revealed that the treasurer’s sign was also forged and he has received no answer from the secretary on the whole issue.

Sushil, who is also the president of SGFI, told ANI that his secretary has forged his signature and changed the by-laws. “I got a letter from the government on 12th that there are some issue and I need to look into it immediately and do the needful. When I started my office after the lockdown I got to know that there are things happening which is not correct. Slowly I came to know that my signature has been forged,” Sushil said.

“I asked my secretary through a letter, he didn’t reply and said he is not well. Then I asked my treasurer whose sign was also there, he also gave in writing that those signatures were not his,” the wrestler added.

Sushil has now filed an application in the police station. The wrestler also said that he will enquire about the alleged fraud done as the matter is also related to money. He also vowed to take legal action if required as kids’ future is at stake.

“My legal advisor advised me to file an FIR in this regard and the same thing I did in Model Town. I believe at this time there is no need for elections, we will hold elections when everything will be sorted out,” he said.

“I want to tell all that we will enquire into this matter because it’s related to money also. It’s a matter of kids’ future so as a president of the association whatever legal steps are required, we will take..whosoever has done this will be in front of the nation soon because its the biggest association of school games,” Sushil added.

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