TATA Motors Senior Nationals: Railways win best team award

By   - 24/01/2021

The TATA Motors 65th Men Senior Free Style National Wrestling Championship being organized at Noida Stadium, Noida, UP from 23rd to 24th January 2021, the bouts in remaining 5 weight categories i.e. 65 kg., 70 kg., 79 kg., 86 kg. & 97 kg. held today and results are given below:


Gold. Rohit HAR
Silver. Sharvan SSCB
Bronze. Amit. SSCB
Bronze. Anuj. HAR

*70 kg.*

Gold. Vishal Kaliraman RSPB
Silver. Parveen RSPB
Bronze. Karan. SSCB
Bronze. Sushil. HAR

*79 kg.*

Gold. Rahul Rathee. RSPB
Silver. Pritam. RSPB
Bronze. Veerdev Gulia SSCB
Bronze. Pradeep SSCB

*86 kg.*

Gold. Praveen Chahar DEL
Silver. Vetal MAH
Bronze. Deepak. RSPB
Bronze. Sanjeet SSCB

*97 kg.*

Gold. Satyawart Kadian RSPB
Silver. Monu SSCB
Bronze. Sumit Gulia HAR
Bronze. Ashish. DEL

*Team Position*

1st Position. RSPB. 192 Points
2nd Position. SSCB. 162 Points
3rd Position. Haryana. 138 Points

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