United World Wrestling announces 3 olympic quota holders tests positive for dope, kicked out of Tokyo 2020

By   - 20/02/2020

United World Wrestling has confirmed that three wrestlers from the 2019 Senior Wrestling World Championships in Nur-Sultan have had their results disqualified following Anti-Doping Rules Violations

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Following Doping Controls and the results management conducted by the International Testing Agency (“ITA”) on behalf of United World Wrestling, the Anti-doping Rules Violations for the presence of prohibited substances have been established against Freestyle wrestlers Zelimkhan KHADJIEV (FRA, 74), Badkha KHUTABA (SYR, 125), and Khasanboy RAKHIMOV (UZB, 125), resulting in the automatic disqualification of the results, and as a consequence in their nation’s Olympic licenses reassigned. Disciplinary proceedings, handled independently the ITA, are still pending to determine the sanctions on the athletes.

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Khadijev won bronze medal at the 2019 world championships in Nur-Sultan in the 74kg category and subsequently qualified for Tokyo 2020. Like Khadijev, in 125kg category Rakhimov won bronze medal at the world’s and along with 5th placed Khutaba in the same category have tested positive resulting in their Tokyo tickets taken away by the world body.

The new Olympic licenses have been awarded to the nations of the next highest-ranked wrestlers at 74kg (Poland) and 125kg (Iran, Kosovo). The national federations of France (74kg), Uzbekistan (125kg), and Syria (125kg) will be allowed to enter competitors at their respective Olympic qualifiers in March.

74kg – Kamil RYBICKI (POL)

  1. RUS
  2. ITA
  3. USA
  4. KAZ
  5. JPN
  6. POL

125kg – Egzon SHALA (KOS) + Yadollah MOHEBI (IRI)

  1. GEO
  2. TUR
  3. UKR
  4. CHN
  5. KOS
  6. IRI

The United World Wrestling website has updated brackets and results from the 2019 Senior Wrestling World Championships as well as the new allocations for Olympic licenses in each weight category.

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