United World Wrestling announces Individual World Cup schedule; Check Details

By   - 18/11/2020

United World Wrestling (UWW) has confirmed the dates and schedule for the “Individual World Cup” which will be held in Belgrade, Serbia. The tournament will be organised from December 12 to  18, two days shorter than the originally planned World Championships. The competition will feature all the 10 weight classes from Greco-Roman, Freestyle and Women’s wrestling.

Furthermore, just like the worlds, each country will be eligible to pitch one wrestler per category. The total prize money is 300,000 Swiss Francs and will be awarded to the top 3 players in each class.

USA, Japan and Cuba had withdrawn from the Individual World Cup citing COVID-19 concerns.

According to Japan wrestling federation, UWW will continue to monitor the situation and might cancel the competition altogether if conditions worsen. Moreover, the participation fee, which is usually 11 Swiss Francs, has been waived off. UWW has also reduced the accommodation expenses for the participants.

Check full schedule as mentioned by Japan Federation

December 12th (Sat) Men’s Greco-Roman 55, 67, 72, 77, 87kg class / 1st round-Semi-final
————- -----------
13th (Sun) The day before the start class loser revival match ・ Final
Men’s Greco-Roman 60 ・ 63 ・ 82 ・ 97 ・ 130kg class / 1st round ~ Semifinal
------- —————————–
14 (Monday) Women’s 50 · 53 · 55 · 62 · 72kg class / first round – semi-finals
The Loser Resurrection Battle of the Class Starting the   Day
Before -Final ——————
Tue 15th (Tuesday) Women’s 57/59/65/68/76 / 1st round-
Starting the day before the semi -final Resurrection of the losers of the class ・ Final
------------------------ ----------
(Wednesday) 16th (Wednesday) Men’s Freestyle 57, 70, 74, 92, 125kg class / 1st round-
Starting the day before the semi -final Resurrection of the losers ・ Final
-------- ----------------------------
Thursday, 17th Men’s Freestyle 61 ・ 65 ・ 79 ・ 86 ・ 97kg class / 1st round ~ The repechage of the
class starting the day before the semi -final ・ Final
18th (Friday) Repechage / Final of the class starting the day before

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