United World Wrestling signs MOU with the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf

By   - 17/12/2019

UWW and ICSD will work together on the promotion of sports practice amid all deaf athletes, as well as the development of deaf women in sport. In addition, the organizations will work together to preserve sports against the dangers of doping and violence, as well as the training of officials.

Training UWW officials for deaf wrestling competitions is expected to help improve officiating. Officials will be trained to be even more focused, as well as clear and precise when interrupting matches.

ICSD organizes international events such as the Summer Deaflympics (every four years), World Deaf Championships (every two years) and European Deaf Wrestling Championships (every two years). The most recent European Deaf Wrestling Championships took place Oct. 28-Nov. 3 in Gomel, Belarus. Next year the World Deaf Wrestling Championships will be held June 1-10 in Trabzon, Turkey.

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UWW is committed to implementing the necessary means towards the promotion of wrestling in deaf sports structures through its national federations.

The International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) is the main governing body responsible for the organization of Deaflympics and other World Deaf Championships.

Founded in 1924 and known as the CISS (Comité International des Sports des Sourds), the ICSD is now approaching the century mark of being the organization behind the building, evolving and fortifying the tradition of inviting deaf/hard of hearing elite athletes from all of the world to come together not only to compete in their respective sports but to also develop comradeships between their countries.

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