UWW confirms three competitions in 2021 before Tokyo Olympics

By   - 16/11/2020

The United World Wrestling (UWW) last week, confirmed schedule for three competitions. It announced the dates and venue for the Senior, Junior and Cadet Asian Championship. All the three events will be held before the Tokyo Olympics.

The Senior Asian championship will be held in Almaty, Kazakhstan from February 18 to March 20. As for the Junior continental event, it will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from July 24 to 27.

Cadet Asian meet, on the other hand, will be organised in New Delhi from June 24 to 27.

Dates for the Olympic Qualifiers
Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, UWW decided to postpone the Asian, European and World Olympic Qualifiers until 2021. In April, it announced that the qualification tournaments shall be organised in 2021 in the same period and venue as in 2020.

It means the Asian Qualifiers will be held from March 26 to 29 in Xi’an, China, while the European Qualifiers will be hosted in Hungary from March 19 to 22 by Budapest.

The African-Oceania will be held in Morocco from March 13 to 15. The World Qualifiers will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria from April 30 to May 3.

No world championship in 2020
The world body has decided to cancel the world wrestling championship, as it could not “reach the criteria defined in the executive meeting in June”. Instead, it has decided to host an “Individual World Cup”. The dates for it are yet to be confirmed. The event will include a prize pool of 300,000 CHF spread evenly across the 30 weight categories.

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