UWW referee categories to remain unchanged for this year due to COVID-19

By   - 03/06/2020

United World Wrestling (UWW) recently organised a webinar for the referees of all national federations. The video conference was chaired by UWW President Nenad Lalovic. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the role of referees when wrestling returns to its normal in the post-COVID-19 era. Ashok Kumar, one of the international referees from India said that since there has been no competition due to the pandemic, the categories will remain stable for this year.

“The position of the referees (promotion or demotion) depends upon their participation and performance in some mandatory tournaments according to their ranks.  If they don’t participate in the mandatory tournaments in a year then their membership is not renewed by the committee. For example, 1S referees have to participate in a continental championship and 2 international tournaments. But due to the pandemic, these tournaments are either cancelled or postponed this year. Hence there will be no demotion this year,” he said.

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For 1S referees, they will now be invited to participate in the Olympic Qualifiers which are scheduled to be held next year. And it is through these competitions the positions will be decided. “Most of the 1S referees will be invited to participate in the Olympic Qualifiers Tournaments to be organized in 2021 now and their promotion/demotion will be based on their participation and performance in these qualifiers,” he added.

Antonio Silvestri, Chairman of the Referees Commission who was also part of the meeting said that UWW is still working on a calendar to develop a plan for the organisation of courses at levels one to four.

“We all need to prepare ourselves mentally. As soon as the UWW gives the green light for international competitions, we must be fully prepared for these tournaments. The Olympic category judges demonstrated their skills at the continental championships this year. The selection process for the Tokyo Olympics will continue next year,” he said.

“The Judging Commission works closely with the Development, Technical and Medical Commission. The new training platform and the program will start in June,” he added.

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