WWE Raw Prediction: How will Drew McIntyre respond to Randy Orton’s attack?

By   - 01/08/2020

WWE Raw Preview: The current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre will be there on this week’s RAW to address the WWE Universe for Randy Orton’s anomaly RKO from outta nowhere on him. Moreover, Drew McIntyre will defend his Championship against Randy Orton at SummerSlam on 23 August.

It all began last week on WWE Raw – – when Randy Orton came out to address WWE Universe for his next opponent, and everybody waiting for it that who it could be. However, When Randy Orton announced the name of his next opponent it was not that much surprising for WWE Universe since it was already predicted earlier by WWE Universe. Randy Orton challenged the current Raw Champion Drew McIntyre for the Championship at SummerSlam which was accepted by McIntyre with full accord later on the show.

Meanwhile, As Drew McIntyre was celebrating his victory over Dolph Ziggler in last week’s Raw segment, Randy Orton came from nowhere and produced anomaly RKO on the champion McIntyre and made the statement.

So, it will be interesting to see before SummerSlam who has the upper hand in this week’s RAW.

WWE has also promoted this segment on the Twitter handle and below is the WWE’s full announcement :

How will Drew McIntyre respond to Randy Orton’s attack?

” Drew McIntyre never saw it coming.

Randy Orton made it clear that he’s coming for McIntyre’s WWE Championship last Monday on Raw, and The Viper struck first, dropping the champion with a thunderous RKO after McIntyre’s gruelling win over Dolph Ziggler in an Extreme Rules Match. How will the fearless WWE Champion react to Orton’s ruthless attack outta nowhere? “

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