WWE Raw Preview: Mustafa Ali to speak out as “RETRIBUTION” leader for the time on RAW

By   - 12/10/2020

In the biggest headline to come out of WWE RAW last week, Mustafa Ali was revealed to be the leader of RETRIBUTION. And this week, Mustafa Ali will address the controversy and reveal what led him to join the RETRIBUTION faction.

This is the official announcement as posted by WWE about the Mustafa Ali segment:

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“Mustafa Ali shocked the WWE Universe last Monday by revealing he was the leader of RETRIBUTION. Speculation has been running rampant, but we will hear directly from the source as Ali speaks on Raw.”

One thing to note is that Mustafa Ali has made it very clear that the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, The New Day, who recently became a part of WWE RAW will be in his crosshairs. As we are well aware, Kofi Kingston only embarked on his dream run, when Mustafa Ali could not.

There’s an exciting story right there between Mustafa Ali and Kofi Kingston, depending on where RETRIBUTION is drafted following WWE RAW.

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