WWE Smackdown Preview: AJ Styles will clash against Sami Zayn tonight as Intercontinental Championship heats up

By   - 18/09/2020

WWE SmackDown: Sami Zayn finally gets his first match since his return to WWE and in this match he will face the former Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles tonight on SmackDown Live. Sami Zayn, who still determine himself as Intercontinental Champion since he never lost that title on the very hand which he relinquished in June.

However, the current Intercontinental Champion is Jeff Hardy, who defeated AJ Styles three weeks ago in SmackDown episode will be very much pleased to see who will challenge him next. As this precious Intercontinental Championship has already heated up these three superstars, and there is only one superstar to be claimed as rightful Champion.

Meanwhile, Zayn has already made it he is the rightful Intercontinental Champion and there is no need for further discussion, and in his presence as Champion Jeff Hardy can not be called as Intercontinental Champion.

However, it will be interesting to see who will win this battle tonight on SmackDown between AJ Styles and Sami Zayn and move inch close towards to Intercontinental Championship, and challenge Jeff Hardy for the Championship match at Clash of Champions.

Will the matchup between Styles and Zayn help clear up the Intercontinental Title picture or leave it even more chaotic than before?

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