WWE Smackdown Preview: Sasha Banks to respond Bayley for her heinous attack tonight on SmackDown

By   - 18/09/2020

WWE SmackDown: The golden shine has worn off Sasha Banks and Bayley’s friendship after the SmackDown Women’s Champion’s brutal attack two weeks ago. Now The Boss will respond to her former best friend’s stunning actions for the first time this Friday night on the blue brand.

Sasha Banks, who was brutalised by Bayley two weeks ago on SmackDown following their loss to Nia Jax and Shyana Baszler in a Women’s Tag team champion match. Bayley finally broke her silence on Banks, and viciously attacked her which further left Banks helpless in the ring, and Banks was later confirmed with minor injuries which forced her to miss the last week’s segment of SmackDown.

However, Sasha Banks recently surprised WWE fans after releasing a short clip of her in the upcoming season 2 of Star Wars – Mandalorian, as a Sabine Wren.

It will interesting to see what Sasha Banks has to say ahead of Clash of Champions 2020. Will she challenge the SmackDown Women’s Champion and her former friend Bayley for the championship match or Will she attack on Bayley like she did to her.

What will Banks have to say in response to Bayley’s vicious maneuvers?

All the questions will be answered this week on SmackDown Live.

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