Freestyle Wrestling Camp to resume from Feb 1

By   - 28/01/2021

National Camp of Senior Freestyle Wrestling resumes from 01.02.2021 Medal winning wrestlers of all national competition which has been held in Noida have been selected for this camp. All medal winning wrestlers are ordered to enter the national camp with their Covid-19 test report by 02/02/2021 otherwise no wrestlers will be allowed to enter the camp after that. Narsingh Yadav and Gaurav Baliyan will miss the camp after failing to finish at the podium.

Here is list of national champions:

57 kg.

Gold. Pankaj. SSCB
Silver. Aman HAR
Bronze. Rahul. DEL
Bronze. Shubham. HAR

61 kg.

Gold. Ravinder SSCB
Silver. Suraj. MAH
Bronze. Naveen. RSPB
Bronze. Sonba Tanaji. SSCB

74 kg.

Gold. Sandeep Singh. PUB
Silver. Jitender. RSPB
Bronze. Amit Dhankar. HAR
Bronze. Vijay HAR

92 kg.

Gold. Praveen. RSPB
Silver. Prithviraj. MAH
Bronze. Lovpreet Singh. PUB
Bronze. Gopal Yadav. RSPB

125 kg.

Gold. Sumit. RSPB
Silver. Dinesh Dhankar. HAR
Bronze. Pratyaksh. HAR
Bronze. Anil Kumar. RAJ


Gold. Rohit HAR
Silver. Sharvan SSCB
Bronze. Amit. SSCB
Bronze. Anuj. HAR

*70 kg.*

Gold. Vishal Kaliraman RSPB
Silver. Parveen RSPB
Bronze. Karan. SSCB
Bronze. Sushil. HAR

*79 kg.*

Gold. Rahul Rathee. RSPB
Silver. Pritam. RSPB
Bronze. Veerdev Gulia SSCB
Bronze. Pradeep SSCB

*86 kg.*

Gold. Praveen Chahar DEL
Silver. Vetal MAH
Bronze. Deepak. RSPB
Bronze. Sanjeet SSCB

*97 kg.*

Gold. Satyawart Kadian RSPB
Silver. Monu SSCB
Bronze. Sumit Gulia HAR
Bronze. Ashish. DEL



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