Junior World Wrestling Championships: Sanju Devi, Saneh and Bhateri storm into semifinals

By   - 20/08/2021

Junior World Wrestling Championships: Sanju Devi, Saneh and Bhateri storm into semifinals: A tenacious Sanju Devi (62kg) and a confident Saneh (72kg) entered the semifinals of the junior wrestling world championships while Bhateri also joined them in the last-four stage, taking advantage of a favourable draw, here on Thursday.

Junior World Wrestling Championships:  She may not look athletic but Sanju was quick with her moves and reflexes as she beat Germany’s Lusia Schrel 5-2 and then erased a 0-3 deficit to edge past Croatia’s Iva Geric 4-3 in the quarterfinals.

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Sanju Devi, Saneh and Bhateri storm into semifinals

Saneh hardly had any problem in dispatching Kseniya Patapovich of Belarus 6-2 in her opening round and remained untroubled against Mongolia’s Tsogzolmaa Dorjsuren, winning 7-0.

Saneh’s four-pointer on a double-leg attack stood out.

In other matches involving Indian girls, Pinki (53kg) made a promising start to lead 5-4 and 7-6 with a terrific four-point throw but Turkey’s Emine Cakmak never looked in a jittery as she pulled off timely take-down moves to snatch the bout with a 12-7 scoreline.

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Sanju Devi, Saneh and Bhateri storm into semifinals

Junior World Wrestling Championships:  Mansi, competing in 57kg category, began with a confident 16-4 win over American Claire Marie Dicugno but was outplayed by Turkey’s Elvira Kamaloglu 1-9 in the quarterfinals.

Elvira effected two stunning four-pointer on counter-attacks to pull away.

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