Social Room: Ravi Dahiya, Deepak Punia share pictures from their Rishikesh vacation; see pics

By   - 31/07/2020

Welcome back to the Social Room of, the only place to catch all the inside stories in the world of wrestling. Social Room is a special series that enables you to have a peek in the lives of the wrestler outside the mat.
Tokyo Olympics bound- Deepak Punia and Ravi Dahiya are enjoying their vacation at Rishikesh. The duo is on a three-day trip to the hill station and is making the most of their time on the hills. They recently shared some pictures of them. Here they are:



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Ravi Kumar Dahiya – आप में शुरू करने की हिम्मत है तो, आप में सफल होने के लिए भी हिम्मत है… 👍🙏🏻

Adeline Gray – This video is over 2 years old… wishing the world would get less ill so I can get back to my job.

Helen Maroulis – Challenge accepted! Nominated by the amazing fierce and talented @thesaucillorivera and @marlena.hanna.mua 💕 📸: @robertgeorgemoncrief fun shoot on the tracks #friendship #women #upliftingwomen #blackandwhit
Erica Wiebe – Reminding myself to make the time to enjoy a moment of rest more often. Rest doesn’t have to be a radical act but in the grind of our daily lives it sometimes feels that way. I’m working to build in moments of rest in everyday acts as I transition from statistics homework to wrestling practice and all the things in between. It doesn’t come easy for me but it’s necessary.

Sadulaev Abdulrashid- Day of Araf is the most dear of the days!

Brothers and sisters, the reward for doing good deeds on this day increases many times over! May the Almighty grant us His mercy and protect us from all troubles and diseases.
May Allah unite and strengthen our hearts in His religion.

Bajrang Punia – बस इतना चाहिए तुझसे ऐ ईश्वर, 👏
मेरा सिर 💭 आसमान छुए या ना छुए, परन्तु मेरे 👣 पैर जमीन से जुड़े रहें।🙏🏽


Frank Chamizo – You can’t stop sport . Because you can’t stop us.


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You can’t stop sport . Because you can’t stop us. #YouCantStopUs #teamNike @nike

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