Thoresen creates history, becomes second Norwegian European Wrestling Champion in last 25 Years

By   - 13/02/2020

Morten THORESEN of Norway joined Felix BALDAUF as the only Norwegian Greco-Roman wrestlers to win a European gold medal in the previous 25 years. Furthermore, he became just the fifth Greco-Roman wrestler from Norway to ever claim a European title.

“I think it’s pretty funny because I and Felix lived together. He’s moved out and I’m the new European champion in the house,” Thoresen jokingly said to UWW in a post-match interview.

The 23-year-old won four hard-fought matches and capped off his title run with a 2-2 win over Nazir ABDULLAEV‘S of Russia. “I had the flow through the whole competition. I had four really hard matches, but at the end of the day, I ended on top.” He trailed 2-0 in the finals but finished on top thanks to a pair of one-point second-period exchanges.

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Thoresen’s focus now switches to qualifying Norway for the Olympic Games. “My goal is to qualify for the Olympics. I’m going to go home and keep on training. Hopefully, you’ll see me at the Olympic Games.”

Norway’s Greco-Roman European Champions 
2020 – Morten THORESEN (67kg)
2017 – Felix BALDAUF (98kg)
1992 – Lars ROENNINGEN (48kg)
1990 – Jon ROENNINGEN (52kg)
1988 – Lars ROENNINGEN (48kg)
1927 – Sven MARTINSEN (58kg)

Final Results – Greco Roman Gold Medal Bouts

60kg  GOLD – Gevorg GHARIBYAN (ARM) df. Kerem KAMAL (TUR), 5-5
BRONZE – Amiran SHAVADZE (GEO) df. Zhambolat LOKYAEV (RUS), 6-6
BRONZE – Murad BAZAROV (AZE) df. Helary MAEGISALU (EST), 9-0

67kg  GOLD – Morten THORESEN (NOR) df. Nazir Rachidovitch ABDULLAEV (RUS), 2-2
BRONZE – Karen ASLANYAN (ARM) df. Krisztian Istvan VANCZA (HUN), 7-5
BRONZE – Kristupas SLEIVA (LTU) df. Aliaksandr LIAVONCHYK (BLR), 4-2

72kg GOLD – Frank STAEBLER (GER) df. Iuri LOMADZE (GEO), 6-1
BRONZE – Selcuk CAN (TUR) df. Dominik ETLINGER (CRO), 7 – 5
BRONZE – Ulvu GANIZADE (AZE) df. Adam KURAK (RUS), 3-1

82kg GOLD – Rafig HUSEYNOV (AZE) df. Daniel Tihomirov ALEKSANDROV (BUL), 2-1
BRONZE – Hannes WAGNER (GER) df. Stanislau SHAFARENKA (BLR), 8 – 3
BRONZE – Bogdan KOURINNOI (SWE) df. Ciro RUSSO (ITA), 6-4

97kg GOLD – Artur ALEKSANYAN (ARM) df. Nikoloz KAKHELASHVILI (ITA), 7-1
BRONZE – Aleksandr GOLOVIN (RUS) df. Artur OMAROV (CZE), 8-0
BRONZE – Cenk ILDEM (TUR) df. Matti Elias KUOSMANEN (FIN), 3-3

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