Ukraine wrestlers train in snow at height of 1500mts for Tokyo Olympics

By   - 31/07/2020

Zaroslyak is the second training camp for the Ukraine men’s freestyle wrestling team. The base is situated at a height of 1500 meters and is covered with snow. The reason for choosing the training camp at such altitude, senior coach of national team Valentin Rusanov said, is that it will help their cardiovascular system. “The training camp was simply unrealistic,” says Rusanov. Around nature, mountains, forest, excellent weather. The whole team arrived in a great mood, set to work. After quarantine, everyone missed the mat and training”.

On the features of work in the Carpathians:
“First, we gave the guys the opportunity to get used to the air and to the altitude. The Zaroslyak base itself is located at an altitude of about 1250 meters above sea level. It is ideal for the cardiovascular system of wrestlers to train at an altitude of 1500 meters. Training in high altitude conditions improves functionality. Therefore, we conducted training at the highest meteorological station in Ukraine – Pozhizhevskaya. It is located at an altitude of 1450 meters.

“In such things, you need to understand, approach the issue very carefully. It is very easy to overload athletes. But the consequences can be dangerous. The weather station offers excellent views. So work it was also pleasant there. Such preparation will give a good result for the future. I mean when we return to the plain. ”

On the variety of workouts:
“To take a break from the carpet and simulators, we made excursions to the mountains. This is actually also a serious load. But thanks to the landscapes, such excursions were easily perceived, almost like a rest. a strong, friendly team, which together goes to their goal – to the Olympic Games. Last Saturday, everyone climbed Hoverla. Everyone liked it, although they got caught in a downpour on the way back. Then they felt what the elements are in the wild. that nature does not have bad weather, as they say, there is something to remember.

Yesterday we walked to Lake Furious – 7.5 kilometres up one way. That is, it turned out a march of 15 kilometres. I would like to note that three young athletes decided to run this distance in full, and without stopping. Well done, we kept a good pace. ”

About the prospects of youth:
“This time they called in a lot of juniors, representatives of different wrestling schools from different regions of Ukraine. I must say that we have a great succession growing: promising, well-mannered, purposeful. Nice to watch! They understand that very soon they will have to compete at the adult level Juniors try to show their best side in front of the coaches, they want to prove that they got here for a reason, that they can fight on equal terms with veterans and more experienced colleagues.

I would like to separately note that we now have promising wrestlers in almost all weight categories. And this gives hope for the future. I would like to thank and acknowledge their coaches. They are the ones who lead the athletes to the national team. Thanks to them, our guys love wrestling, have grown to the level of an adult team, continue to develop their potential. It is very pleasant that they all want to take part in the training camp together with adults. They appreciate this opportunity, work at their maximum, and follow the example of the adult team. ”

About upcoming tournaments:
“On August 4, we are going to the training camp in Yuzhnoye for two weeks. These will be recovery camps near the sea, where we will pay more attention to working on the carpet. Everything in order to bring the wrestlers to the first Black Sea tournament after the quarantine. Do not forget that the last internal competition we had back in December last year – this is the Cup of Ukraine in Kiev. Therefore, I believe that all our freestyle wrestlers will fight in Odessa because everyone missed the competitive practice. The tournament will be held outdoors under an awning. All rules will be observed security “.

On the consequences of quarantine:
“I think that quarantine has hit all Olympic sports. Especially in contact sports, including wrestling. Even in professional boxing or in MMA, the situation is a little easier. There’s only one fight. And we have a lot of fights. And there are many weight categories.

Now the world was in non-standard conditions. someone trained hard during the quarantine. someone a little let himself rest. and we are very interested to see who is in what form. Only competition show, who like himself launched. it is the same for Already at the European Championship among juniors or under the age of 23, we will see how the quarantine has affected not only specific athletes but also entire teams.

Regarding the adult world championship. It seems to me that Iran has already refused to participate. The US team is in question. Therefore, it is very interesting how these competitions will look like. The situation can change at any time. So no one can predict anything. “

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