UWW Ranking Series : Major change in weighing-in rule in Rome, check what it is ?

By   - 13/11/2019

The global governing body of the sport of wrestling United World Wrestling (UWW) has decided to introduce a major change for the year 2020 first ranking series event in Rome.    The said change will impact the participating wrestles in a big way.
According to the information with WrestlingTV.in, in the January Ranking Series event in Rome (Italy), the weighing-ins for the wrestlers will be done in the morning of the event instead of one day prior to the event.
This means now the weigh-in will happen between 8 to 9 AM at Rome ranking series event and post that the draws will be released. The competition in the said event will start everyday at 10.30 AM.
How does the new weigh-in rule impact the wrestlers ?
The new rule will impact the wrestlers in a very big way.
1) The participating wrestlers will not know their draws / opponents even 1 hour before the event. That means they cant plan their strategy for the opponents with the coaching staff.
2) The participating wrestlers will not get to know whether they have bye in the first round or they have to play from the second round. This reduces their time to rest.
3) The biggest impact would be in regard to the weigh-in itself. Normally wrestlers tend to train or fast to extreme limits to adjust their weights for weigh-ins. But now as the time between the weigh-in & the competition has been reduced to just 1 hour, they will have little chance to adjust their weights for weigh-ins.
The Rome ranking series event starts from 15th Jan. The UWW is yet to formally announce this rule change but as per the information with WrestlingTV.in, this process will now be followed for all tournaments in which the competition in that respective category finishes in one day itself.
Meanwhile it is yet to be ascertained that whether this new rule will apply for the Olympic Qualifiers or not. The Olympic Continent Qualifiers are slated for March in Asia in China from March 27th too 29th. The world qualifiers which is the last opportunity for the wrestlers to qualify for Tokyo 2020 is scheduled for April 30 to May3rd in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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