Vinesh Phogat to WrestlingTV, ‘I will travel to Bulgaria for high altitude training’

By   - 16/11/2019

Vinesh Phogat missed Olympic glory in Rio Olympics due to injury, this time she is not ready to take any chances. Keeping the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in mind, the Indian champion wants to keep herself in the best of physical shape. For the same, Phogat has decided to train in the sub-zero conditions in Bulgaria.

In a telephonic interview to WrestlingTV, Vinesh confirmed her plans to train in Bulgaria sub-zero conditions. “My coach Woller Akos from Hungary has planned this trip for me. According to him, I can develop great overall physical strength by training in the conditions in Bulgaria which is 2050 above sea levels. I don’t know the exact details where and how he will make me train but what I am told is conditions are really tough and by training their I can develop good core strength. Routine physical exercises, mountain hiking, running and weightlifting will be part of the schedule. ”

Vinesh will be traveling to Bulgaria right after the Senior National Championships in Jalandhar on 2nd December. The training schedule in Bulgaria will be for 15 days and the Indian champion will train at Belmeken High Mountain Sports Complex located 2,050 metres above sea level between Rhodope Mountain and Rila Mountain in sub-zero temperatures.

Vinesh when asked, what it is like to train in sub-zero temperatures, the champion was quick to remark “Very tough”. Vinesh further added, “I want to strengthen my core and lower body for a tough competition like Olympics. Tougher the conditions I train and prepare myself, better it will be for me @ Tokyo 2020”.

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Vinesh became the only Indian women @ Nur-Sultan world championships in September to book Tokyo 2020 quota place and that is the reason she has planned her entire schedule before the Olympics test. During the interview, WrestlingTV asked the Asian Games 2018 champion about her competition plan ???

“After the nationals, my main competitions start in January. Yasar Dogu, Ranking tournament in Rome are scheduled for January, In February I will be playing Asian Championships. These tournaments I will be playing to prepare myself”

Vinesh qualified for Tokyo Olympics in 53kg weight category, is she keeping eye on the competition for the games, Vinesh said, “not anyone specifically but I am keeping eye on who all are qualifying. 16 who qualifies for the Olympics will all be good. Once the final list is finalized, I will sit with coach to strategize and study everyone”

The preparation, confidence all is top class at this stage, Vinesh just wants that she stays physically fit and in the best shape so that she can put across her best challenge in Tokyo 2020.

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