Sushil Kumar Interview: It would be better for me and everyone if Tokyo 2020 Olympics are postponed

By   - 24/03/2020

Two-time Olympic medallist Sushil Kumar has joined Sunil Kumar and Bajrang Punia to ask for International Olympic Committee (IOC) for postponement of the Tokyo Games. In a conversation with WrestlingTV, he said it would be better for everyone including him if the Olympic Games are deferred.
“Health is the priority. People’s lives matter more than anything. I think it should be postponed until things return to normalcy”.
WrestlingTV: How are coping up with Coronavirus pandemic?
 Sushil: I have self-isolated myself completely. There is not much we can do. All we are hoping are things to get better.
WrestlingTV: What are you doing in your spare time at home?
Sushil: It has been a long-time that I had so much of time with my wife and children. We do fun things. Besides, I do a little cardio and weight training to keep myself conditioned.
WrestlingTV: You posted a video of your children training too, can you shed some light on that?
Sushil: Yes, we have a small gym for my two sons. Whenever I train, they join me and do their exercises.
WrestlingTV: What do you think of Jitender in 74kg weight class?
Sushil: Jitender is a talented boy. He is very young but packs a lot of flair for wrestling. He works very hard and all my wishes are with him.
WrestlingTV: What are your plans for the way forward as Jitender is the number one choice for India in 74kg after his medal-winning performance at Asian Championships?
Sushil: I am ready to face any challenge. I have trained hard for it and I am fit to take to the mat whenever an opportunity arises.
WrestlingTV: What are your thoughts on Tokyo 2020 Olympics?
Sushil: I think they should be postponed. The current situation is serious and we need to take care of everyone. Therefore IOC should defer the Summer Games.

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